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The schools that we partner with provide course and degree programs in many different fields. You will be immersed in the academic field, and it is important to take care of all possible sources of useful information, and buy college research paper. He are just a few of our schools and programs offered:

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Associate's Degree in Medical Billing and Coding
This program provides students with a solid foundation in the critical skills needed in healthcare billing and coding practices, and the technologies that support them. Successful graduates will be well-prepared to enter the healthcare field as billing and coding specialist as both physician-based and in-patient-coders, with a valuable level of general education, technological competence, interpersonal abilities, and a keen understanding of the value and importance of correct billing and coding.

According to the 2009 Salary Survey of the American Academy of Professional Coders, certified coders earn $44,7500 annually. Coders with 10 years of experience earn an average of $52,700 annually. Non-certified coders earn $6,000 to $8,000 less. Rural and urban coders tend to earn the same amount. Coders in the Gulf, Central, Great Lakes and Mountain Regions earn anywhere from $40,713 to $44,551 annually. Those in the Northeast, Southeast and West start at the $40,000 range. For more information click here

Associate's Degree in Medical Administrative Assistant
The Medical Administrative Assistant Program will prepare students for work in the pre-hospital and hospital environments, physicians' offices, urgent care facilities, and nursing homes. Graduates will be prepared to perform traditional medical administrative responsibilities including greeting patients, scheduling appointments, filing records, purchasing supplies and equipment, patient admissions, and insurance billing and coding. Medical billers and Salaries for medical administrative assistants vary widely, reflecting differences in skill, experience, and level of responsibility. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (2007), the average salary is around $27,450. For more information click here